Pre-order The Sommerlund maps

Did you miss our Kickstarter for the Sommerlund City Maps?

Be not afraid, you got one final chance to jump aboard before the shipping begins! What makes these maps special? They are all based on sketches and detailed input from Joe Dever, the man behind Lone Wolf. Francesco Mattioli has spent endless hours to finalize these drawings by hand, coming up with solutions to practical problems in city architecture.

If you take the chance to jump aboard now, at the pre order stage, you will still get the bonus maps and illustrations to your pledge, such as a guard tower from the Durncrag Mountains and a detail from Far’s Square in Anskaven.

Don’t miss out!

The poster map of Holmgard, sent to you in a standard map tube.
Holmgard på svenska
Affischen med Holmgardkartan, skickad I ett vanligt kartrör.
 Complete Collection
A Kickstarter special. All the ten map posters in a beautiful map tube with special cover.
 Komplett Samling
Endast under Kickstartern. Alla de 10 kartorna, skickade i kartrör med specialgjort omslag.
 Bilingual Collector
As a true collector you want it all. Here you get all the 10 maps, first in English and then in...
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